Mother was not getting mill flour, cricketer son returned from England to Pakistan, batters also used to fear


Former Pakistan cricketer shares heart touching anecdote related to his mother
This Pakistani cricketer tells the biggest part of his success in his mother

New Delhi. It has been a long time since Pakistan’s former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar retired from cricket. But, he still remains in the headlines. As much as his fans are in Pakistan, they are also in India. He has always been counted as an aggressive player. The big batsmen of the world were in awe of his fast bowling in the field. Many times even the news of Akhtar’s dispute with fellow players has become media headlines. But, very few people probably know that Shoaib Akhtar loved his mother very much.

Shoaib Akhtar’s mother Hamida Awan is no more in this world. He had passed away two years back. But Shoaib used to love him very much and had said in many interviews that the reason for his success and playing cricket for such a long time was only the blessings and blessings of his mother. The story related to how much Shoaib loved his mother was recently narrated by Saqlain Mushtaq in Nadir Ali’s podcast. When Shoaib appeared on this podcast recently and the show’s host Nadir Ali asked him the reality of this story related to his mother, Shoaib told the story told by Saqlain to be correct.

Shoaib immediately returned to Pakistan from London for his mother
Actually, even though Shoaib had earned a lot of wealth, fame and respect being a cricketer. But, his mother lived in pure country style and she used to eat bread made of milled flour. Once that dough was over and Shoaib was in England at that time. The mother narrated her problem to Shoaib. As soon as Shoaib came to know about this, he immediately took a flight from England to Pakistan and returned to Pakistan.

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Arrangements were made for mill flour
In Nadir Ali’s podcast, Shoaib Akhtar told, “Yes, it is true that once the mill flour had run out in the house. I was in England. Mother told me this problem. I returned to Pakistan from London by taking the next flight. Went to the mill to grind flour and kept 3-4 sacks. After this he returned to England. In this podcast, Shoaib told that the position I am at today is only because of the blessings of my parents. I used to often press my mother’s feet while sleeping and while doing this, I used to ask Allah for whatever I wanted and my prayer never went empty and I got everything in life.

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