MS Dhoni promoted the company for free! Big profit made in 3 hours, Virat Kohli charges crores of rupees


Virat Kohli’s net worth has crossed Rs 1000 crore.
MS Dhoni is also one of the rich cricketers.

New Delhi. MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli are one of the richest cricketers in the world. If both are compared, Virat Kohli looks one step ahead of Dhoni in terms of net worth. Somewhere the reason for this can also be being active on social media. Taking advantage of being his brand on social media, Virat promotes many things and prints crores. But Dhoni stays far away from social media, but now Dhoni has promoted a company for free, which has given him a big advantage.

Recently a video of MS Dhoni went viral on social media. In which Dhoni is given a special note by the airhostess along with some chocolates. Dhoni picked up only one packet of dates from it. In the video, MS Dhoni is seen playing Candy Crush on the tab, after which the fans were very happy with his gaming style. This game started trending a lot on social media. After Dhoni’s video, Candy Crush became a big profit within 3 hours. In no time, 36 lakh people have downloaded this game. Although this thing has not been revealed from the official Twitter account of Candy Crush, but a tweet went viral in which it is written, ‘We have received 3.6 million new downloads in just 3 hours. Thanks to the legend of Indian cricket MS Dhoni. We were trending in India only because of you, Team Candy Crush Saga.

Two tweets made by Candy Crush

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The official account tweet of Candy Crush Saga was seen regarding this video. In which Dhoni has been saluted for playing Candy Crush. In this way, this game company was promoted by Dhoni for free. If Virat Kohli had done the same thing through social media, he would have charged crores of rupees for it. According to a report, the net worth of Virat Kohli has gone up to Rs 1050 crore. He charges around Rs 8-10 crore for one of his social media posts.

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