MS Dhoni’s advice to Sri Lanka Cricket, don’t give test to ‘Baby Malinga’, otherwise you will have to bear the brunt!

New Delhi. The Sri Lankan cricket team has gone through a very bad phase in the last decade. This team, which once won the World Cup, now easily accepts defeat even at home. In such a situation, Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has given important advice to Sri Lankan cricket. Dhoni believes that Mathiksha Pathirana, popularly known as Baby Malinga, should not be allowed to play Test cricket at all. After all, why does Mahi want to keep this brilliant bowler away from Test cricket? There is no dearth of fans for this five-day format game. In such a situation, why is Mahi giving such advice for Mathiksha. Dhoni also explained the reason behind this in detail.

During a conversation with the official broadcaster after the match, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said, “Those who do not have a clear bowling action, the batter has a lot of difficulty in playing them. It is not an issue of pace and variation but of consistency. I would suggest that he should not play red ball cricket. Focus only on ICC tournaments. He can become a great asset for the Sri Lankan cricket team. During the last season, he used to grow up a bit, but this season he has come a bit curvy. ,

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