Murali Vijay’s big claim, said – I never got what Sehwag got in life


Murali Vijay made his Test debut in 2008.
Murali Vijay played the last test in 2018.

New Delhi. Team India got many great batsmen in all formats, but could not get anyone like Virender Sehwag. Especially in India, Sehwag changed the way of playing cricket. It didn’t matter who the bowler was, which team he was playing against, which format he was playing. He wanted to face the bowlers right from the start and carved a niche for himself among players like Brendon McCullum and Chris Gayle. India had Sehwag on one side and cricketers like Murali Vijay on the other. Extremely solid and equally effective and both have played brilliantly for the Indian team despite playing opposite styles. But Murali Vijay says that I could not get what Virender Sehwag got in his life.

Vijay has played 61 Tests so far and has scored 3982 runs, including 12 centuries and 15 half-centuries. At the age of 38, it is highly unlikely that he will represent India again. In such a situation, this veteran expressed regret that he never got the freedom and support during his career, as Sehwag got.

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Murali Vijay told Sportstar, “To be honest, I did not get the freedom like Virender Sehwag. Whatever Sehwag got in his life, I could not get. If I had got that kind of support and opportunities, I could have tried as well. It is for the support of the team that how you can contribute at the international level. It’s a high level competition and you don’t have much opportunity to experiment with different methods.”

Vijay, however, knew that Sehwag was a special talent, having seen his exploits at the non-striker end with his own eyes. Vijay said, “You have to be consistent so you have to have everything as a package and how you will mold yourself according to the demands of the team. When Sehwag was there, I found it difficult to control my instincts and play, but it was wonderful to see him play with such freedom.”

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Murali Vijay says, “Only he could have done this. I think no one else could have played like Sehwag. What he did for Indian cricket was amazing. Different… they are something else, which I have seen visual. I had the privilege of interacting with him. He was in that mode, singing songs against 145-150 kmph bowlers. You are experiencing something else. this is not normal.”

Virender Sehwag has been one of India’s greatest players of all time. A batsman who redefined the role of a Test opener with his fearless approach. He did not need to change his game according to different formats. Sehwag, in his inimitable style, just saw the ball and hit it. Virender Sehwag played 104 Tests and scored 23 centuries apart from 32 fifties. His 8586 runs came at an impressive strike-rate of 82.23.

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