Nagaur News: This Nagaur girl won gold in cycling in just one year’s practice

Nagaur. Work hard in such silence that success makes noise. Yes, the story of a daughter of Nagaur, who won the gold medal at the age of just 16, gives character to this proverb. Ritika Bishnoi, a resident of Jaroda village of Merta tehsil of Nagaur, has won the gold medal in the recently held National Cycling Championship in Bangalore. He completed the 30 kilometer long race in just 20 minutes and brought laurels to the district as well as the state by winning the gold medal in the event.

Ritika Bishnoi is a resident of Jaroda, a small village in Merta tehsil of Nagaur. His father’s name is Ramratna Bishnoi. Ritika Bishnoi has won the gold medal in the 20 kilometer race in National Cycling. She currently lives in Bikaner district. Ritika had an accident once while cycling. The doctor stopped him from participating in National Cycling. But Ritika’s desire to win the medal was so strong that she worked hard. Tried everything possible to heal his injury soon. And after everything was fine, took part in the race.

Ritika told that a year ago she started cycling after seeing her brother. Because his brother has won many medals in the cycling race. Seeing his brother, he also started the practice of cycling and today he has won gold medal in Bangalore within 1 year.

Ritika told that she cycles 60 to 70 kilometers daily in Bikaner. Cycling once a week for 150 kilometers is one of his habits. She tells that she cycles for 4 to 5 hours daily.

Ritika said that inspired by her brother, she started cycling. Coach Rajendra Vishnoi worked day and night with me to hone this ability of mine and took me to this point. I would like to give the credit of this success to the whole family.

When Ritika Vishnoi returned after winning the gold medal, she was welcomed at Merta Road Junction wearing a turban and garland in Rajasthani style. On this achievement of his, his fans took him on the shoulder and made him roam around the whole village.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 16, 2023, 15:49 IST

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