New MG Mulan Electric will run at a speed of 100Km in just 4 seconds, will have strong features including 5G internet

MG Motor is currently expanding globally in terms of its cars. As the awareness of electric cars is increasing in the world now, the company has set a sales target of 1.2 lakh units for Europe this year. This will include the company’s latest electric car MG Mulan. Built on the Nebula electric platform, the 5-door unit car is MG’s first global EV for Europe. This car is known as Mulan in China and it is known by MG 4 moniker in export markets. The hatchback measures 4,300 mm which is slightly smaller than the Nissan Leaf. Talking about top speed, Mulan EV can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 4 seconds.

New MG Mulan Electric Car

Talking about the design, the MG Mulan electric car is fast and stylish. This car has LED headlight, taillights, sporty rear spoiler and panoramic sunroof. For contrast, black elements are seen in almost all aspects of the exterior design, including the front air intake grille. The logo given in the car front is given above the front grille. At the rear, it is present in the middle of the wraparound taillight system. A high density battery reduces the volume of the unit to account for the lower battery thickness. In return, the car gets more space in the cabin.

Keeping in mind the European standards, MG Mulan’s battery is strengthened on zero thermal runway to avoid fire. All this happens when the battery cells short circuit, which creates excess heat, which in turn leads to a fire. Electric cars have been built on the Nebula platform. The slim LBS fits under the floor of the MG Mulan / MG4 car.

MG CyberE, Mulan EV

Sales of the Mulan EV, patented as the MG CyberE, will help drive volumes in the years to come. Level 3 is designed for autonomous driving. A smart cockpit with 5G connectivity has been given in Mulan. The rear suspension is linked in driving control. The MG ZS EV, on the other hand, is available as a front wheel drive abroad. The Mulan / MG4 will be available in RWD form. At the same time, it works with petrol based all wheel drive hot hatch in the European market. While talking about rear wheel drive, information about the motor used is not available. MG aims to compete with Tesla with the new Mulan mid range electric cars.

SAIC Nebula Platform

SAIC announced new battery systems and vehicle platforms to advance vehicle technology. These include the SAIC Nebula full electric only platform, the SAIC Everest for the oil and power integrated vehicle architecture, and the electric and SAIC Xinghe for the hydrogen integrated vehicle architecture. The MG ZS EV is currently sold in India. By 2021, the company had given information about sales of 2.8 thousand units here. It is the company’s single car in India which has managed to hold on well despite not being in the initial price segment. MG EV sales in April 2022 were just under 250 units.

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