New Zealand’s pair changed the game of England, gave a lesson to everyone – there is victory in front of fear.. | – News in Hindi

After winning the World Cup of ODI and T20 format, England is now creating new dimensions in Test cricket. The English team has won the T20 World Cup just a month ago. After this she reached Pakistan tour and started making records there too. He made many records including scoring more than 500 runs on the first day of the first test against Pakistan. Then even took the risk of defeat for the sake of the result. However, he got the benefit of the risk and he managed to win the match. The exciting victory of the second Test is also being linked to the makeover of the England team. If you seriously consider this rejuvenation of the England team, then the reason behind it will be the first name of the coach.

England scored more than 500 runs on the first day of the first test against Pakistan. Scored 600 runs in just 100 overs. Then in the second innings, even after more than 120 overs were left, captain Ben Stokes declared the innings and in the end he was successful in winning the Test match. This thing shows that the English team wants to win the Test match under any circumstances. If we look at the last few years, there has been a lot of change in his game. Earlier they used to do well in one format, then the performance in the other format was not good, but now the team is doing well in all the three formats.

The pair of McCullum and Stokes added color

Recently, England won the T20 World Cup title held in Australia. Earlier, the English team had also captured the title of ODI World Cup held in 2019. Talking about Test cricket, England’s performance in the last 2-3 years has not been anything special. Ben Stokes was made the new captain in place of Joe Root. Not only this, white ball veteran and former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum was made the new coach of the team. Apart from T20, he also scored a lot of runs in IPL. Everything has changed after his arrival.

It is also a coincidence that both the English Test team captain McCullum and coach Ben Stokes are from New Zealand. Stokes’s family still lives in New Zealand. However, he himself is now settled in England. While New Zealand’s McCullum has only a professional relationship with England.

Batting style reminds me of baseball

Coach Brendon McCullum’s thinking is different. He has changed the thinking of the whole team. He has only one saying, play fast, play by hitting. Because of this, baseball has become very famous today. If we look at the strike rate of English team’s Test cricket, then it has become like ODI and T20. They are looking different from other teams. England won many matches while chasing. During this, he also scored 250 overs in 50 overs.

Won the test match by scoring more than 300 runs on the last day

Batting is not easy on the last day of a Test match on any pitch in the world. During this, he won the Test match by scoring more than 300 runs. Pakistan scored 800 runs in the first test and still they got defeated. This was possible because England had fast batsmen in both the innings of the match. In such a situation, his bowlers got enough opportunity to dismiss the opposing team. Now the England team wants to win the Test match under any circumstances and the players are also thinking like the coach.

no fear of defeat

The biggest feature of the current England team is its fearless game. In 145 years of Test history, there have been few such occasions when a team or captain has taken the risk of defeat to win. We have seen hundreds of such Test matches when a team having a lead of 320 to 350 runs on the fourth day of the match still preferred to bat for one or two hours on the fifth day. The reason for doing this is that the team does not want to lose under any circumstances. She prefers to draw rather than lose. England has separated itself from this fear of defeat. And they say – there is victory ahead of fear…

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