Nio’s electric car jumped from the third floor, 2 died!

Chinese electric car maker Nio’s car fell from the third floor during a test drive, killing two people. Among those who lost their lives, one person was a member of the staff and the other was from the partner company. The incident is said to have happened at Nio’s headquarters in Shanghai.

According to China’s local time on Wednesday, the incident took place at 5.20 pm. During testing, the car fell from the third floor down to the road and was badly destroyed. There were two people inside the car and both of them died in the incident. After the incident, the company immediately ordered an inquiry into it. A thorough investigation into the incident is being conducted in conjunction with government officials. The video of the incident is going viral on social media.

The floor from where the car fell is said to be the showroom of the company, which allegedly has a testing facility for the car. The company issued a statement on the incident, “Our company has taken the assistance of the Public Security Department to investigate this incident and the matter is being investigated as to how the incident took place. From the preliminary investigation of the incident, we can say that it There was an accident. It does not appear to be the fault of the company’s vehicle.”

The incident of the car jumping from the third floor also created a lot of noise on China’s social media. Different reactions of people started coming. Neo is one of the leading companies in China, which shoulders the bulk of China’s electric vehicle industry. The company manufactures a large number of electric cars. Some time ago, complaints started coming from the customers that there is a problem in charging the battery of the car repeatedly. After that the company switched to the replaceable battery system i.e. swappable battery.

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