Nissan recalls over 4 lakh cars due to a defect! These models are included in the list

Nissan is recalling over 4 lakh of its cars. The company has recalled these cars in North America due to a faulty seat belt. Along with this, the matter of fault in the steering wheel has also come to the fore. The company has said that it is alert for the safety of its customers and the cars have been recalled immediately after the defects in the cars are detected.

Japanese car maker Nissan Motor Co. Ltd has recalled 4,63,000 of its cars in North America. It has come to light that there was a problem in his seat belt and steering wheel. AP’s Report According to , the recalled vehicles include Frontier Small Pickup, Titan Large Pickup. Along with this, some models between 2008 and 2011 have also been recalled. These include the Xterra, Pathfinder and Armada SUVs.

This also includes the 2008 and 2009 Quest minivans. The report says that the company has said about 11000 parts to be defective. That’s why the company has decided to recall them. Their servicing has not been started by Nissan yet. But it has been said to start in the beginning of April. For this, customers will be informed through email when they can take the car to their nearest dealer for servicing. Nissan There is news that the company is preparing to launch its new model in India.

Nissan and Renault may soon introduce their new vehicles in the Indian automobile market in partnership. In this, 6 new models can be introduced in the car segment. The company can introduce 4C segment SUV models and 2A segment EV models in it. These models will be based on the Global Module Family. The talk of making them at the company’s Chennai plant has come to the fore.

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