Not only Imran Khan, his forefathers were also ‘traitors’, along with the captain had created a rift in Team India


Imran is related to former Team India cricketer Baka Khan Jilani
Jilani got a place in the team after a bang in Ranji

New Delhi. It is about the year 1934. Mohammad Baka Khan Jilani’s first-class cricket career started with a cricket match between Northern India and Sindh. Total 12 hunts in the match. In the first innings, 7 for 37 runs and in the second innings 5 ​​batsmen were sent out for 50 runs. Baka Khan Jilani is also related to cricketers like Imran Khan, Majid Khan and Javed Burki. Actually, Jilani was married to the sister of former cricketer Jahangir Khan. After partition, Jahangir’s family settled in Pakistan. Famous batsman Majid Khan was the son of Jahangir, while Imran Khan was the nephew. Batsman Javed Burki was the cousin of Majid and Imran.

Talking about Baka Khan Jilani, he continued his stellar performance even further. In the Ranji match against South Punjab, Jilani took 5 wickets including a hat-trick for 7 runs in 4 overs. This was the first hat-trick in Ranji history. South Punjab were all out for 22, which was the lowest score in Ranji Trophy till 2010–11. The sensational performance earned Jilani a place in the Indian team. He was part of Team India on the England tour of 1935-36. The captain of the Indian team was Maharaj Kumar alias Vizzy of Vijaynagar. This was such a tour of Indian cricket history, which no one would ever want to remember.

In fact, in this tour, the ill-tempered Vizzy had sent Lala Amarnath back to India for disciplinary reasons. He also had a dispute with CK Naidu. Apart from these, there were many other spectacles. Baka Khan Jilani was also behind all these incidents. Jilani along with Vizzy created such a rift that the entire team fell apart. However, Jilani’s performance on the tour was also very poor and after that he never got a chance to return to the team.

Imran Khan told a lie, did not sweat his heart, know how the secret daughter came in front of the world?

died after falling from the balcony
Baka Khan Jilani, who was dropped from Team India, had completely lost his faith. He could not perform well even in first class matches. Meanwhile, he was also surrounded by many diseases. His teammate Kota Ramaswamy wrote about Jilani’s illness in those days, Baka Khan had high blood pressure and sleepwalking. He also had epilepsy. Anger would stay on his nose. No one could tell when he was normal and when he would go out of control.

Imran Khan revealed the secret of his personal life, wife was left speechless, marriage lasted only a few months

Be it an epileptic fit or suicide, Baka Khan Jilani fell from the balcony of his house in 1941 and died. Please tell that Imran Khan was arrested from Islamabad High Court on Tuesday. This action has been taken in the Al Qadir University Trust scam case. On Wednesday, the court ruled to send the former PM on remand for eight days. After the arrest of Imran Khan, the situation in Pakistan has become uncontrollable.

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