Not Rohit-Kohli, this Indian batsman won Gavaskar’s heart, wreaking havoc in IPL. Hindi News

Sunil Gavarkar on KL Rahul: Impressed by KL Rahul’s ability to score runs quickly by playing natural shots, former Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar said that in the IPL he has proved that you need to use new types of shots to score fast runs. There is no need to permit.

Rahul is in amazing form

Lucknow captain Rahul (KL Rahul) is in great rhythm with the bat and has scored two centuries in the 15th season of IPL so far. Both these centuries have come against Mumbai Indians. He is the second highest run-scorer of this season of the league after Rajasthan Royals’ Jos Buttler with 368 runs.

In ‘Cricket Live’ program of ‘Star Sports’, Gavaskar said, ‘He is performing brilliantly. The best part about Rahul’s batting is that there is nothing artificial in his style. Every shot he plays is a natural shot in cricket.

Gavaskar praised

The former India captain said, ‘Rahul has proved with this talent that you do not need to create new shots to score fast runs. If you have shots, choose the right one and all his shot selections have been excellent. Former England captain Kevin Pietersen also praised this Karnataka batsman.

Pietersen said, ‘Rahul has all kinds of shots in his quiver. He can hit the ball in any direction on the field. He is the kind of batsman you would love to see batting on television anytime.

Irfan Pathan’s big statement too

Former India all-rounder Irfan Pathan said that this right-handed batsman plays according to the conditions. Irfan said, ‘KL Rahul is such a batsman who can increase or decrease the pace of scoring runs according to the situation. He has the ability and skill to advance his innings according to his own needs. Rahul knows very well when he needs to increase the run rate.

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