NZ vs IRE: A towel spoiled all the bowler’s hard work, the batsman survived even after getting out

New Delhi. The wicketkeeper took the batsman’s catch in front of everyone’s eyes. The umpire also raised his finger and declared it out. Still the batsman did not return to the pavilion. This funny incident was seen in the second ODI between New Zealand and Ireland. Where the bowler had to bear the brunt of a small mistake. After all, what happened that the batsman survived even after getting out. What was wrong with the bowler? Let me tell you.

New Zealand bowler Blair Tickner was bowling the 43rd over of Ireland’s innings and Simi Singh was on strike. Blair bowled the last ball of his over outside off-stump. Simi tried to play this ball towards point. But, the ball took the edge of the bat and got caught in the gloves of wicketkeeper Tom Latham. The umpire also declared Simi out. But, Simi stood on the ground and started saying something to the umpire. For some time no one understood what was happening on the field. Then the umpire declared him not out.

Batsman got life due to towel fall
When the reason for this came out, all the players were surprised. Actually, after throwing the ball, Tickner had trapped behind the towel paint to wipe the sweat. He had fallen down. Simi complained to the umpire about this and asked to call it a dead ball. After this there was a long conversation between the umpires and this ball of Blair was termed as dead ball and Simi Singh got life and Blair had to throw this ball again.

Blair was upset with the umpire’s decision
During this entire controversy, Tickner’s conversation with the umpire was recorded in the stump microphone. In this, Blair was heard saying to the umpire, “I know the rules, but if the batsman had hit a six on this ball, would it have been called a dead ball and 6 runs would have been reduced.”

What does the rule say?
The Laws of Cricket states, “If the batsman on strike is distracted by any sound or movement or otherwise, the umpire may signal a dead ball. Even if the batsman’s attention is distracted by an incident inside or outside the field.

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Simi was run out after scoring 16 runs.
Simi Singh could not take much advantage of this life gift and was run out on the score of 16 runs. The entire team of Ireland could only score 216 runs. In response, New Zealand achieved the target of victory by losing 7 wickets in 71 balls. With this, visiting New Zealand took an unassailable 2-0 lead in the 3 ODI series.

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