ODI cricket will slowly become extinct! Will there not be spectators in the stadium? Understand Robin Uthappa’s trick


Test cricket was played for the first time in cricket history.
Robin Uthappa made a big disclosure about ODI.

New Delhi. Cricket lovers are settled in every corner of the world. Many formats are being played in the cricket world. It first started with Test cricket. But after that the ODI format was created. At the same time, now from T20 to T10 leagues are also being played. There is no doubt that the spectators like to watch a fast cricket. Many people are not showing interest even in the test format. Former Indian veteran Robin Uthappa has shared his views on this issue.

The former all-rounder has given a surprising statement about ODI cricket while making predictions. He believes that in the coming few years people will start losing interest in the ODI format. At the same time, the audience would like to give more importance to the small format. Robin Uthappa told the reason for the lack of interest in the ODI format to the short time. He told that according to the audience, it can be guessed that which format is being watched the most. As of now, it can be said that T20 cricket is coming a long way.

There is no possibility of giving 7 hours in the match – Robin Uthappa

Robin Uthappa said in his statement, ‘There may be a decline in the number of spectators in one-day cricket. To the fans of today, he briefly said in this context, ‘I think the game is moving in the direction of shorter formats. But it also depends on the viewership which decides what is going to be more popular and what is going to run more. And this is the reason why T20 cricket is coming to the fore.

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He further said, ‘I see cricket moving fast in that direction. Where for 50 overs cricket, I do not think that people would like to spend seven hours in the stadium watching the match or can invest so much time. You know it is a one day game and it can be watched on TV at home. Nowadays you can see it on the app as well.

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