ODI World Cup: Rohit Sharma liked the advice of his partner who questioned him! Will prove to be a profitable deal in the World Cup


3 ODI series between India and New Zealand will start from today
Rohit Sharma supports R Ashwin’s suggestion regarding the World Cup
Ashwin had talked about starting the match first to end the effect of dew.

New Delhi. After wiping out Sri Lanka in the ODI series under the leadership of Rohit Sharma, Team India will be eyeing a repeat of the same performance against New Zealand. The series is going to start from Hyderabad. Before this match, Rohit liked the advice of a fellow player who had recently questioned one of his decisions regarding Mankading. This player is none other than R Ashwin. Ashwin had recently suggested to the ICC regarding the ODI World that matches should be started early during the tournament to reduce the effect of dew. Now Rohit has also supported his suggestion.

Rohit said in the press conference before Hyderabad ODI against New Zealand, ‘It is a good idea. Because it is about the World Cup. You do not want to compromise too much on the toss factor and you want to completely eliminate the benefits associated with it. So according to me starting the match early is a good idea. But, I don’t know if this is even possible or not.

Team batting after dew has advantage: Rohit
Day-night ODIs in India usually start at 1.30 pm and end around 9 pm. This time is considered prime time on television in India. At this time the viewership is high and this gives huge benefits to the broadcasters and the BCCI.

Rohit said that the team batting later gets an additional advantage when there is dew during the night. Because the dew wets the ball in the evening, it makes batting easier. In such a situation, many times the matches become one-sided. However, the broadcasters will decide when the match will start.

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He said that ideally you do not want to see teams taking advantage of the dew. You want cricket to be played in floodlight without the advantage of batting team in the presence of dew. However, this thing is such that the players have no control over it. But I like the idea of ​​starting matches early.

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Ashwin suggested starting the match early
Earlier, R Ashwin had clarified his stand on his YouTube channel regarding the early start of matches during the World Cup. He had said that due to this (due to dew) the difference in merit between the two teams is not known. If you lose the toss, the dew reduces this difference. Why can’t we start the World Cup matches at 11:30 am?’

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