ODIs: ‘One day cricket is dying slow’, know which Australian legend said this

New Delhi. The sudden retirement of England all-rounder Ben Stokes from ODI cricket has sparked a new debate. Due to this, where there is a heated discussion about the schedule of cricket. At the same time, leagues like IPL and Big Bash are also being held responsible for this. Meanwhile, Australia’s Usman Khawaja said that ODI cricket is dying a slow death. So it is no surprise that Ben Stokes has left this format.

Ben Stokes, who took over as England’s Test captain, said officials cannot treat players like a ‘car’. There is too much cricket being played at the international level to truly compete in all three formats, T20, Test and ODI cricket.

One day cricket is getting sluggish
opener Usman Khawaja told Cricinfo that it is clear that if something is removed from the international calendar, then of course there will be matches of 50 overs. After Cricket Australia released the calendar on Friday, Usman said, ‘I think maybe one-day cricket is in third place out of the three formats right now. I think ODI cricket is slowly moving towards its end (ODI cricket dying a slow death). However, there is still a World Cup which will be fun to watch.

It is not easy to be a player of all three formats
Khawaja said that it is not easy to become a player of all three formats in this era. It is not only impossible but also very difficult. You have to travel so much and you are not really at home. By the way, you get a chance to choose your favorite format in cricket. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose one. However, Khawaja has an excellent outlook on the future of Test cricket. Australia will face West Indies and South Africa for a place in the final of next year’s Test Championship.

khawaja likes test cricket
Khawaja said, ‘Most of the people I talk to love Test cricket. This is also my favorite format. Test cricket is still in a strong position as far as I am concerned. That’s why it can’t really be seen going away. Both Test and T20 cricket can be balanced very easily.

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