OMG! Mother of 2 children covered a distance of 4000 KM by bicycle alone, reached Arunachal Pradesh from Gujarat in 14 days

Guwahati. If the mind is determined to do something, neither age nor condition becomes a hindrance. Similar is the story of 45-year-old Preeti Maske, a mother of two children. He has made a new record by traveling alone for about 4000 kilometers by cycling alone. She reached Arunachal Pradesh from Gujarat in about 14 days. Preeti has achieved this position by defying the age barrier. To make people aware of organ donation, Preeti not only accepted this campaign, but also completed it in record time.

Pune’s Preeti Maske started her cycle journey on November 1 from the Koteshwar temple located on India’s western border with Pakistan. Preeti reached the eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh via Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam. Campaign leader Ghanshyam Raghuvanshi gave this information on Monday. He told that Preeti completed the journey of 3995 kilometers alone by bicycle in 13 days, 19 hours and 12 minutes. She reached Kibithu near the border of China in the midnight of 14 November. She has become the first woman to travel alone from West to East India by bicycle in just 14 days. Preeti started cycling 5 years ago to fight illness and depression.

Records submitted to Guinness World Records
To bring Preeti’s record to the international level, photographs and other evidence related to her campaign have been handed over to the World Ultra Cycling Association and Guinness World Records, which have been accepted. Ghanshyam Raghuvanshi told that in the coming time Preeti will be given its certificate. Due to internet connection problems in remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh, there was a delay in making this information public.

The team always kept an eye
Preeti Maske’s cycling campaign has always been watched. Along with him, the team of 5 people continued to move in the car. He had to face a lot of challenges in the mountainous and inaccessible route of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, but he did not give up. Please tell that he had to cross a total height of 15,679 meters in this campaign. Preeti told that it is very challenging to ride a bicycle on such roads. It was made even more difficult by the bad road and construction work along with the ascent in Arunachal Pradesh. In Arunachal, even at night the temperature used to reach 2 to 3 degree Celsius. tell that

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