One million cases of corona per day in China’s Zhejiang, expected to double soon

For the last few weeks, the situation in China is getting worse due to Corona. About 10 lakh cases of corona are being received per day in China’s Zhejiang province. This number is expected to double soon. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that making major changes to the zero-covid policy has helped bring some control over the epidemic.

Reuters reports that China Citizens have been placed under lockdown. Due to this, this biggest economy of the world is having a big impact. The National Health Commission has stopped reporting infections without symptoms of corona. Due to this the number of corona cases is not complete. Apart from this, the commission has said that it will not publish the daily figures of Corona. The government of Zhejiang said in a statement, “The high level of infection is expected to occur in Zhejiang soon. The number of infections per day could increase to 2 million during this period.”

Intensive care units of hospitals in China are turning away ambulances and relatives of sick people scrambling for beds. In China, the number of infected people has increased due to the Omicron BF.7 variant of Corona. Apart from this, new cases are also being found in Japan, South Korea, Brazil and America. The number of Covid cases in India is less. However, it is very important to have strong medical facilities to deal with the challenges related to Corona.

This Epidemic Its origin is believed to be from China. Corona cases are increasing rapidly again in China and due to its BF.7 variant, the situation there is worsening. A large number of patients are admitted in the hospitals and the health systems are overwhelmed. The reports coming from China have shocked the whole world. This week, a video from a hospital in China was shared on social media, in which it can be seen that a doctor is so exhausted due to the workload that he collapses on the chair. Experts claim that in the next 90 days, 60 percent of China’s population and 10 percent of the world’s population may get infected.

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