Online Scam Mumbai Man Duped Rs 38 Lakh via Telegram Fraud Bluffed by Hotel Rating Task Commission Details

Online Fraud: One of the biggest threats to the digital world is online scams or frauds, whose incidents have been on the rise for the last few years. A latest incident has been reported in India, where according to media reports, a person has been duped of Rs 38 lakh through Telegram. The man, an IT engineer by profession, was contacted on Telegram by a woman who tricked the victim into receiving money in the name of completing a task on a website.

of The Free Press Journal Report According to the 40 year old IT engineer cyber fraud I lost about 38 lakh rupees. The victim is a resident of Mumbai, who received a message on Telegram from an unknown woman. The woman offered him to earn money online. Fraud Told by them that some products of their company they have to give online rating only, in return they will get good commission.

Reports suggest that following this offer, the man was contacted by another woman to complete a task on the website. The first person to complete the task was asked to login to a link. The victim trusted the woman and started completing the task. The victim was told that his commission would be sent directly to his e-wallet.

As per the police complaint lodged, the task involved the person giving a 5-star rating on different properties. The real scam started when the victim was told that they would have to pay some premium charge on completion of the task, which would later be returned with the earnings.

41.50 lakh was visible in his e-wallet on the website, but he allegedly paid a premium of Rs 37.80 lakh to complete the task before withdrawing them. Finally, when he requested to withdraw the money, it remained pending.

person with suspected fraud It happened when the website and Telegram group got deleted after a while. After this, the Victim lodged a complaint with the police.

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