‘Only Dhoni alone won the World Cup, rest 10 then…’ Harbhajan taught a lesson to the fan who praised Mahi


Harbhajan Singh showed the mirror to the fan who praised Dhoni

New Delhi. India suffered a 209-run defeat at the hands of Australia in the final of the World Test Championship. After this defeat, a fan had made a tweet praising Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Fan wrote how Dhoni won the title for the first time in the 2007 T20 World Cup in the absence of senior players and single-handedly defeated a strong team like Australia. Former off-spinner Harbhajan Singh was touched by this thing of the fan and he immediately taught this fan a lesson.

Harbhajan Singh wrote that not only Dhoni, the other 10 players also contributed significantly to India’s victory then. Cricket is not a single player’s game, it is a team sport.

Now let’s know what the fan had tweeted and Harbhajan replied on that. Actually, Fan wrote in his tweet, no coach, no mentor, senior players also did not participate, never captained before T20 World Cup. But, this (Dhoni) player defeated a strong team like Australia in the semi-finals and made India the T20 World Champion within 48 days of becoming the captain.

Harbhajan taught Dhoni’s fan a lesson
Tweeting the post, Harbhajan wrote, “Yes when these matches were played this young (Dhoni) boy was playing alone from India..not other 10..that’s why he alone won the world cup trophies. The irony is that when Australia or any other country wins the World Cup, the headlines are that Australia or any other country has won the tournament. But when India does so, it is said that the captain has won. Let me tell you this is a team sport and you win together and you lose together. Along with this, Bhajji also put a laughing emoji.

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Harbhajan Singh has taught a lesson to a fan of Dhoni. (Harbhajan singh twitter)

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Gambhir also targeted Dhoni
Harbhajan Singh’s former teammate Gautam Gambhir said an interesting thing in the interview given to News18 in a similar debate about team vs player. He said, “Our country is not about the team, but about the individual. We consider some players bigger than the team. In countries like England, Australia, New Zealand, the team is bigger than any player or individual. Stakeholders of Indian cricket, from broadcasters to the media, are shown to select people throughout the day. If you have scored 50 and I have also scored fifty. Even after this, if you show the same person on TV all day long, everyone will think that he is the only star and others will be considered inferior.

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