Owners will be able to make private cars school cabs in Delhi, but there will be conditions! Government’s new policy

The state government is going to bring a new policy to increase the number of school cabs in Delhi. Under which work is going on on the policy to convert private cars into school cabs. Once the new policy comes into force, private cars will be allowed to ply commercially for school cabs. However, for this the talk of making some changes in the vehicle is also coming to the fore. Soon the government is preparing to take a final decision on this policy.

The Delhi government is working on such a policy for school cabs, after which even private cars can be converted into school cabs. That is, the owner of the car will be able to use his vehicle as a commercial vehicle for school cabs. a media Report For this, the owner of the car will also have to make some changes in the car. For this, it has been said that speed governor and bag carrier will have to be installed in the car. Apart from that there are many such things which will be mandatory to be implemented in the car. The policy is currently being worked out and will be put before the common people only once it is checked by all the departments.

These will be the conditions in the policy

For using a private car as a school cab, the government has talked about certain conditions which will be included in the policy. According to this, the vehicle should not be older than 15 years. Secondly, the vehicle should be CNG driven. In this, the seating capacity of children will also have to be taken care of, which will be judged from the total capacity of the vehicle. Along with fulfilling all these conditions, the owner will also have to obtain a valid fitness certificate under the policy, after which the CNG powered vehicle will get commercial registration. After that the owner will be given a permit to take the school children.

Speed ​​governors will also have to be installed in the vehicle, which cannot go above 40 kilometers per hour. The name of the owner and his contact telephone or mobile number should also be clearly written on the vehicle. Apart from this, it will be mandatory to install fire extinguisher in the vehicle for emergency. The cab policy for the school was formulated in 2007. Under this, only new vehicles were given registration permission for this. Currently there are 32 thousand school cabs in Delhi.

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