Pakistan born cricketer Imran Tahir settled in South Africa to marry an Indian girl


Imran Tahir went to South Africa with Pakistan’s Under-19 team
Leg spinner’s heart fell on Sumaiya Dildar of Indian origin

New Delhi. South African spinner Imran Tahir is known for his leg spin. In the life of Imran, who specializes in rotating the balls on the 22-yard strip, a girl bowled such a googly that this bowler decided to leave her country. Born in Pakistan, Imran Tahir used to play for the Under-19 team there. In 1998, he went on a tour of South Africa with the team. Meanwhile, Imran Tahir met Sumayya Dildar of Indian origin living in South Africa. Both became good friends in a single meeting.

Imran returned to Pakistan but his heart remained with Dildar. With time, the love between Imran and Sumaiya deepened. It is said that love is a river of fire and has to be drowned. The decision had been made. In the fight with the mind, the heart won. Imran decided to leave Pakistan and settle in South Africa for Sumaiya’s sake.

Imran Tahir married Sumaiya Dildar in 2006 after reaching South Africa. After some time, the leg-spinner also got the citizenship of South Africa. Imran Tahir focused on domestic cricket as soon as his heart’s desire was fulfilled. Soon his bowling became the talk of the town in the South African cricket fraternity. In 2011, Imran Tahir made a place in the ODI team of South Africa. In the same year, he also got the test cap.

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Smith told the trump card
Imran Tahir was included in South Africa’s squad for the ODI series against India before the 2011 ODI World Cup. However, he did not get a chance to play a single match. Graeme Smith, who was then the captain of the team, had said that we do not want the world to be aware of Imran Tahir’s bowling before the World Cup. He will prove to be our trump card in the World Cup. The enthusiasm of Imran Tahir, who is going to complete 44 years of his life in March, has not decreased at all. Teams are still betting on him in the T20 league. Imran Tahir is part of the Karachi Kings team in the ongoing PSL in Pakistan. His beloved Sumaiya has played an important role in the success that Imran has achieved in the world of cricket.

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