Pakistan bowler saeed ajmal raised questions on r ashwin after he was banned


Off-spinner Saeed Ajmal was banned by ICC
Pakistan bowler raised questions on Ashwin

New Delhi. Do you remember Saeed Ajmal? Pakistan’s off-spinner who has mastered the ‘second’ after Saqlain Mushtaq. In the year 2014, the Pakistan cricket team suffered a major setback when the ICC banned its top bowler Saeed Ajmal. The reason was his action of throwing ‘Doosra’. Ajmal was the number one ODI bowler at that time. He was also in the top 10 in Test and T20 rankings.

Saeed Ajmal was hopeful that he would return to the field soon. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) also took up the cause of Ajmal’s lobbying and set up its Bowling Action Committee to investigate. PCB’s bet backfired. His expert told, not only the second one of Saeed Ajmal, but the entire bowling action is illegal. The matter between PCB and ICC dragged on for a long time, but Saeed Ajmal did not get relief.

Played an emotional chord by associating himself with Muraleedharan

About 6 years after the ban, Saeed Ajmal targeted the ICC. He said, the year 2009 and 2014 were test beans. The only difference was that the medical conditions which were considered by the ICC in 2009 were removed in 2014. Saeed Ajmal said, when Muralitharan left cricket, ICC thought that this boy is from Pakistan and they cannot do anything against our decision.

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‘ICC saved Ashwin’

Saeed Ajmal once again opened the front in 2021. This time Ravichandran Ashwin was also on his target along with the ICC. Saeed Ajmal said, Ashwin was out of cricket for six months when I was banned. This happened so that he could clear his bowling action. ICC helped BCCI. Saeed Ajmal said, ICC only worries about money. All the rules and regulations were changed without asking anyone. I was playing cricket for the last 8 years. Were all those rules for me? Saeed Ajmal played 35 Test matches, in which he took 178 wickets. The off-spinner took 184 wickets in 112 ODIs and 85 wickets in 64 T20s.

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