Pakistan can get huge benefit if India goes to Pakistan for Asia Cup but BCCI has refused for this


The hosting of Asia Cup 2023 is in the hands of Pakistan.
India can play in Dubai against Asia Cup.

New Delhi. India and Pakistan (India vs Pakistan), arch-rivals, have become the subject of much discussion these days. Controversy is often seen between the two countries. This time the reason is cricket. India decided not to go to Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023. After which the Pakistan team has threatened not to participate in the ODI World Cup 2023. However, continuous efforts are being made to find a solution to this issue.

Recently it has been learned from the sources that the hosting of the Asia Cup will remain in the hands of Pakistan. But all the matches of India will be played in UAE. Even if Team India travels till the final, that too will happen in UAE. But the Pakistan team seems unhappy with this decision as well. However, right now it is being seen as an opinion. Let’s talk about why Pakistan wants to invite India to its home?

Boon made for India, Pakistan

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Pakistan is currently struggling with the economic situation. Pakistan can get a big benefit from the arrival of India. If something can save the economy there, then it is cricket. Competition between India and Pakistan means third dose of adventure. People don’t even shy away from buying expensive tickets to see the third dose of thrill between these arch-rivals. In such a situation, India playing at their home is no less than a boon for Pakistan. But the BCCI has flatly refused for this.

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