Pakistan Cricket: It was moonlight for 6 days… Wasim Akram exposed Rameez Raj like this


Rameez Raja made serious allegations against Akram
Former fast bowler replied after a long silence

New Delhi. Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has broken his silence regarding the changes in the cricket board and Rameez Raja. He said that the new PCB chairman Najam Sethi has experience. It is not necessary that only cricketers become the president. To run the PCB, a good administrator, communicator and a person who made repo with the cricket boards of other countries was needed. Sethi is the best in this. On the mention of Rameez Raja, the former fast bowler told the Pakistani media, he had come for 6 days. Now he has gone back to his place. I do not want to say anything more than this.

Rameez Raja had made serious allegations against Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis after being removed from the post of chairman. Rameez had said, the names of Wasim and Waqar had come up in Justice Qayyum’s report on match-fixing. Despite this, strict action was not taken against them. If I had got a chance to decide on this issue, then such people would not have got any place in Pakistan cricket. Rameez had said, I would have banned Wasim and Waqar forever.

‘Advantage of father’s access’

Wasim Akram has made many revelations in his recent book ‘Sultan: A Memoir’. In this, he has told that Rameez Raja’s father was a commissioner, so he got a place in the Pakistan team.

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Rameez was not a good fielder, yet he always stood in the slips. He used to drop catches on most occasions. Let us tell you that in December last, Rameez Raja was removed from the post of PCB chairman. Angered by this decision, Rameez vented his anger fiercely.

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