Pakistan: Did the mastermind of the attack on the Sri Lankan team in 2009 really get killed? Earlier also Pak army has claimed 11 times

New Delhi: Pakistani security forces have claimed to have killed a commander with links to terrorist organizations whom they have claimed to have eliminated 11 times earlier. This commander with a reward of 10 lakh Pakistani rupees has links with terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and other organizations. This terrorist is also said to be the mastermind of the 2009 terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore. During the last 24 hours, terrorists have carried out more than 7 rapid attacks on Pakistani army and security forces. During this, three terrorists including more than 10 Pakistani soldiers have been killed.

Pakistani security forces claim to have killed a terrorist named Bali Khera, who was the mastermind of the 2009 terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team. Also, more than two dozen cases were registered against him. Which includes 21 target killings and 7 suicide attacks. Bali Khera is said to be a commander of terrorist organization Lashkar Jhangvi which was active in South Punjab Pakistan and South Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. In view of his terrorist activities, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan’s Punjab province government had announced a reward of 1.5 million Pakistani rupees on his head.

False claim every time
Interestingly, after the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009, Pakistani security forces claimed 11 times one after the other that they had killed terrorist Bali Khera, the mastermind of the attack. This claim of Pakistani security forces turned out to be false every time. Now the Pakistani intelligence agency has examined the hand of the alleged Wali Khera who was killed late Thursday evening after the claim of the Pakistani army and claimed that this time the real Bali Khera has been killed.

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7 attacks on army and security forces in last 24 hours
On the other hand, various terrorist organizations, including Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and other terrorist organizations, carried out 7 rapid attacks on Pakistani army and security forces during the last 24 hours. During this, more than 10 Pakistani soldiers were killed while many were injured. The Government of Pakistan has so far released photographs of 6 security personnel as martyrs in this regard. Keep in mind that Pakistan’s Counter Intelligence Department had issued an alert that terrorists can attack security forces and immediately after their information, 7 attacks have happened continuously during 24 hours.

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