Pakistan just kept bragging, open pole in ICC meeting, forced to come to India for World Cup!

New Delhi. The cricket board of the neighboring country is badly shaken after the Indian cricket team refused to go to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup. For the past few months, threats are being given continuously that Pakistan’s team will not come to India for the 50-over World Cup this year. Meanwhile, the arrogance of PCB has also been exposed. According to the sources of the news agency PTI, there has been no opposition from Pakistan to come to play the World Cup in India in the ICC meeting.

ICC meeting was organized in Dubai. It was told in the report that Pakistan wants its league matches of the World Cup 2023 to be held in India to be organized in Bangladesh. However, no proposal has been kept in the ICC meeting regarding this also. An ICC official told PTI on the condition of anonymity, “Officially there was no discussion in the meeting about Pakistan’s match being held in Bangladesh. No one knows if PCB Chief Najam Sethi had a private conversation with Bangladesh Cricket Board President Najmul Hasan in this regard.”

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It has been clearly told in the meeting by the BCCI that there will be no problem with the visa during the visit of the Pakistani team to India. It is the responsibility of the host country to provide timely visas to all the countries participating in the tournament. It is clear from the ICC that the Bangladesh team is not partially hosting the tournament at any level.

This officer said, “Suppose that the Pakistan team reaches the semi-finals. So will they say that the semi-final matches should be shifted to Bangladesh. It is only pressure being created from the PCB side so that the Asia Cup can be organized in Pakistan.

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