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As soon as the news of former Prime Minister Imran Khan being arrested in Islamabad High Court on Tuesday spread in Pakistan, protests started in many places inside the country. Which also affected internet services in the country. Within hours social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube were suspended in parts of Pakistan. Violence also spread in many places and reports of arson also came.

Pakistan In the recent uproar, another report has come, in which it has been said that in 2022 Pakistan Internet Has been the most backward country in the world in terms of availability and digital governance. That is, the reach of the Internet to the population here is still not very high, and at the same time Internet technology is not being used much in government work.

of our partner website Report According to, this report named Pakistan’s Internet Landscape 2022 has been presented by human rights and advocacy organization ‘Bytes For All’. In this report, it has been explained in detail how the relationship between the population and communication technology has been here within 2022. The report says that internet availability has increased to some extent on a country scale, but on a global scale, the country’s performance has been the worst. Even in the continent of Asia, the condition of Pakistan is very bad in this matter.

About 15% of Pakistan’s population still does not have access to the Internet. Also, such a population does not have access to mobile and telecom services. Pakistan has come last in the list of 22 countries in Asia included in the report. At the same time, it has been mentioned at 79th place in terms of world availability. Along with this, a big difference has also been found in the availability of internet and mobile phones here on the basis of gender. that is, here ladies Women have far less digital services and mobile access than men.

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