Pakistan ODI Rankings: Pakistan’s crown in danger… Decision today, will Babar Azam be able to make 100th ODI memorable


Babar Azam will play his 100th ODI
Pakistan’s top spot in ODI rankings at stake

New Delhi. The fifth and last ODI of the series between Pakistan and New Zealand (Pakistan vs New Zealand) will be played today i.e. Sunday (May 7) at the National Stadium in Karachi from 4:00 pm Indian time. Host Pakistan has captured the series by winning the first 4 matches. In such a situation, his effort will be on winning the last match and clearing the dust of the guests. The Pakistan team, captained by Babar Azam, is also in danger of losing the number one crown in the rankings. Babar is about to play his 100th ODI.

Pakistan defeated New Zealand in the fourth ODI and secured the first position in the ICC ODI Ranings. But now the crown of this number one of Pakistan is under threat. If Pakistan gets defeated in the last ODI against New Zealand, then the host team will lose the number one crown. In such a situation, Australia will again reach the first place.

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Pakistan will be at loss if Kiwi team wins
Pakistan, Australia and India have the same 113 rating points in the ICC ODI rankings. But on the basis of decimal calculation, Pakistan’s team is ahead of Australia and India. If Pakistan’s team wins this match, then it will get 115 rating points and it will remain at number one. In such a situation, Australia and India will be left with the same 113 rating points. But if the Kiwi team wins this match, then Pakistan’s rating points will drop to 112 and it will slide down to number three. At the same time, Australia will sit first and India with 113 rating points, first and second. If this match is canceled due to rain, then Pakistan will remain on number one.

Babar Azam would like to make 100th ODI memorable
This is Babar Azam’s 100th ODI International match. The Pakistan captain would like to make his 100th ODI memorable. Babar scored a century in the fourth ODI. He became the fastest batsman to score 5000 runs in ODIs. Babar is in excellent form at the moment.

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