Pakistan played a dirty trick, Team India’s batsman became unknown, had made the life of the bowlers on the pitch


Pakistani players had made a plan to dismiss
But the Indian batsman did not fall into the trap of the bowlers.

New Delhi. The current season of IPL will not be remembered without the episode of Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir’s encounter. The tension between the two stalwarts of Team India, who once played together, increased so much that people were surprised. By the way, many former cricketers are angry with this spectacle. Sunil Gavaskar is also included in these, who had talked about taking strict action. Gavaskar, who does not like sledding, also had to hear strange things in the field. This was revealed by the Little Master himself.

Sunil Gavaskar told in a show that in the late 90s, there was a huge increase in the cases of sledging in the field. Many times he also became a victim of this. Gavaskar mentioned a match against Pakistan. He told that after every over or many times in the middle of the over, some Pakistani players would come to me and go away after saying something. He used to say something in Punjabi. I could not understand the meaning of those things. There was definitely an idea that he must not be saying something good. In the match, Sunil Gavaskar kept batting in his row. The words of the Pakistanis did not affect him even an iota.

‘What do they have to do with my pants’
Sunil Gavaskar told that when he went to the dressing room during the innings break, he told his colleagues in broken Punjabi that Pakistanis were speaking like this. Don’t know what is the problem with them with my pants. Gavaskar had so much to say that the players who knew Punjabi in the team giggled.

4 hunters could not hunt one, this task became difficult even for Dhoni in IPL, only one player could kill ‘paw’

Later he explained to Gavaskar that he was abusing. The pronunciation of many words changes in Punjabi. This changed pronunciation became a relief in the match for Gavaskar. Pakistani bowlers could not get him out easily. Had Gavaskar known Punjabi, he might have been disturbed and would have lost his wicket. Sunil Gavaskar has scored 2089 runs in 24 Tests against Pakistan.

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