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Pakistan vs new zealand t20 world cup 2021 peshawar school attack nz team donates prize money

New Delhi. In the T20 World Cup 2021, Pakistan’s match was being considered against India (Pakistan vs India). Because everyone is aware. The competition of cricket between the two countries is always interesting and when it comes to the competition in the World Cup, the match itself becomes high voltage. The statements of veterans from above, things like taunts make it even bigger. Fans also have special preparations for the India-Pakistan (Ind vs Pak) match, but this time all this atmosphere was seen in the Pakistan New Zealand match apart from India Pakistan. The same high-voltage match, statements of veterans, taunts and the biggest thing that was seen about this match was the feeling of revenge. Pakistan won the World Cup for the first time by defeating India. After this, the challenge of New Zealand was in front of him. Even before this match, Pakistani veteran Shoaib Akhtar had already said, so this time his team’s real battle is not with India but with New Zealand. Have to take revenge.

Revenge… that too with a team like New Zealand… which is probably liked by every person in the world, but Pakistan had already made it clear that this time their target is New Zealand, not India. Revenge… was not to settle an old defeat, but to avenge the humiliation, which, according to Pakistan, New Zealand had done in their house in the past.

New Zealand’s team had left Pakistan without playing
In fact, New Zealand’s team could not play cricket with them after reaching Pakistan and immediately returned home due to security reasons. This has brought disrepute to Pakistan cricket all over the world. After this move of New Zealand, England also canceled its tour of Pakistan. Just what was it then… Pakistan considered New Zealand as their enemy and the spirit of revenge was put in the hearts and minds of the players by the veterans before the match.

Not only in the team, but also in the Pakistani people, New Zealand was presented as an enemy team. Former Pakistan cricketers used big and some difficult words against New Zealand. Although the Pakistan team defeated New Zealand by showing a better game, but even after this, Pakistan veteran Shoaib Akhtar made fun of the New Zealand team. After the match, he said that the security was checked and the reality was also checked.

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Kiwi team stood with Pakistan
Akhtar, are many other former Pakistani players and fans also included in this list. Fans who teased this team by raising slogans of security- security during the match itself. Pakistani leaders also did not miss to do so, but these Pakistani veterans, who made fun of New Zealand, may have forgotten their generosity or favor. They have forgotten that this is the same team that stood shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan when innocent children were fighting for life and death covered in blood. In every corner of the world, the screams and groans of those innocent children were being heard in pain. Perhaps the veterans of Pakistan have forgotten the Peshawar school attack in 2014. He has forgotten that the team was in his house at the time of that terrorist attack. When New Zealand beat Pakistan at home, it was not time for them to celebrate, but for them to take responsibility.

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The Pakistani veteran may have forgotten that this is the team that came forward to help the children and teachers of the victims of that terrorist attack. All had donated match fees and prize money. Not one or two children were killed in the attack on the Army Public School on 16 December 2014, but 140 children and teachers lost their lives. The Kane Williamson-led team had defeated Pakistan by 32 in the ODI series. Pakistani player Yunus Khan had also confirmed that New Zealand players and officials have donated their kit bags for the children along with donations. Today, the team standing with Pakistan in difficult times is being used well by the veterans of Pakistan to remain in the discussion.

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