Pakistani batsman went to smash Indian fan’s head with bat, game stopped for 45 minutes, a comment sprinkled salt on the burn


Inzamam-ul-Haq went to attack the Indian fan with the bat.
The Pakistani batter got angry on a comment by an Indian fan.

New Delhi. India and Pakistan (India vs Pakistan), two countries between which rivalry is seen in every field. But when it comes to cricket, from the players of the team to the fans, they try to humiliate each other. Incidents were also seen in some matches between the two teams. There is one such incident when in the match between India and Pakistan, the Pakistani batter took the bat and went to break the head of the Indian fan.

We are talking about Pakistan’s star batsman Inzamam-ul-Haq, who broke down on an Indian fan in a match. After which the ground staff and players stopped him. This is about the one-day match of the Toronto Cup in the year 1997. Inzamam’s fitness was often questioned, he was not that good in fielding. Because of which the fans used to tease him. During the drinks break in the match against India, Inzamam was standing on the side of the boundary line, when a fan called him a potato, which was beyond the batsman’s tolerance. He ran with a bat on a fan named Shiv Kumar Thind, he was pacified by the security personnel.

How much can I tolerate – Inzamam-ul-Haq

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After the match, Star Batter had said, ‘That person was abusing my religion, country and family. How much would I tolerate. After this incident, the match was halted for about 45 minutes. The captains of India and Pakistan had asked the fans to sit quietly. Inzamam has made a big contribution to his team in ODIs and Tests.

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