Pakistani veteran claims, ‘Murali was better than Warne but ‘Warney’ got more respect due to Rang-Desh’


Murali has maximum 800 wickets in Test cricket
Questions were also raised on Sri Lanka’s Muralitharan’s bowling action.

New Delhi. Muttiah Muralidaran and Shane Warne are counted among the great bowlers of the world. Sri Lanka’s Muralitharan has the highest number of 800 wickets in Test cricket, while Australia’s Shane Warne is second in the list with 708 Test wickets. Who is the best of the two spinners, there have been many debates in the cricket world. The supporters of both the bowlers have their own arguments in their favor, although former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq has considered Muralitharan better than Warne.

Razzaq even says that Warne was rated above the Sri Lankan spin bowler because of being from Australia and because of his colour. He expressed these views during a TV show. When asked which bowler scared you while playing in international cricket, the former Pakistan all-rounder said that Muralitharan and Shane Warne troubled him the most. Razzaq said that he felt proud about this. Let’s say that he faced these two great bowlers. Murali was definitely better than Warne but due to his color and Australia’s status in the cricket world, ‘Warney’ got more respect and fame. If Murali was from Australia, Shane Wars would have given him double respect.

On the question whether the country makes a difference, Razzaq said – definitely. Murali is from Sri Lanka while Warne is from Australia, which is a rich country. It has an effect. Like we can say that if Wasim Akram were in India, then it is possible that his statues would have been made there. Had she been in England, she would have got the title of ‘Sir’ there. This definitely makes a difference. Let me tell you, Murali took 800 wickets in 133 Tests at an average of 22.72 while Warne took 708 wickets in 145 Tests at an average of 25.41.

However, questions also arose regarding Muralitharan’s bowling action. Former India spin bowler Bishan Singh Bedi even called Murali a javelin thrower instead of a spinner. There was also a controversy when during a series in Australia, umpire David Hair declared Murali’s bowling as a throw and declared it a no-ball. Hair believed that Murali’s bowling action was suspicious. The University of Western Australia photographed Murli’s movement at 1,000 frames per second from six different angles, and concluded that the action looked suspicious from some angles but that there was no problem from other angles.

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