Pat Cummins bouncer on the pretext of Rohit Sharma, just one race to win gold in Olympics…


Rohit Sharma suggests best of three finals for result in WTC final
Pat Cummins replied to Rohit Sharma by giving example of Olympic race

New Delhi. Australian captain Pat Cummins has given a befitting reply to the suggestion of Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma to get results through a 3-match series instead of one. Cummins says that his team has now become a winner and it does not matter to him, even if it is a 50-match series. Rohit’s statement came after losing the WTC final against Australia. Australia captured this trophy for the first time by defeating India by 209 runs in the final.

After the defeat, Rohit Sharma said that instead of one, the champion should be decided by a series of three matches i.e. best of three. He has also raised questions about holding the final in England. Hitman says that WTC finals should be held not only in England but in any corner of the world.

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‘Best of three finals’
Rohit, known worldwide as Hitman, said in the press conference, ‘I would love to play a 3-match series in the WTC final. We worked hard for 2 years to reach the finals. After that we played only one match. I think a three-match series in the next WTC cycle would be ideal. Pat Cummins has given the answer to this comment of Rohit.

‘You only get one chance for gold in the Olympics’
When the Kangaroo captain was asked about this statement of Rohit, he said that it does not matter to him. Cummins said, ‘We have now won the WTC Championship. I think even if you have a 50-match series, you only get one chance to win the gold medal in the Olympics.

Questions raised on Rohit’s captaincy
Under the captaincy of Rohit, the Indian team had to face defeat in the semi-finals in the Asia Cup earlier, while in last year’s T20 World Cup also, Team India was out of the last 4. Now after the defeat in the WTC final, questions are being raised on his captaincy.

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