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PCB t20 world cup icc india vs pakistan pakistan cricket board indian cricket team rameez raja world cup 2021 | PCB chairman made a shocking disclosure, ‘If Pakistan defeats India…’

New Delhi: The match between India and Pakistan is going to be held on October 24. That will be the opening match of both the teams. In such a situation, a news has come out that if Pakistan defeats India in the T20 World Cup match, then a businessman will give a blank check to the Pakistan Cricket Board. This means that he will give the requested amount to the Pakistan Cricket Board.

PCB chairman disclosed

The new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Rameez Raja, has revealed during a meeting that a Pakistani businessman has said that if the Pakistan cricket team beats India in the T20 World Cup, he will give a blank check to the PCB. This time the Pakistan cricket team will play under the captaincy of Babar Azam.

Will make Pakistan cricket financially strong

Rameez Raja also said during a meeting that he is trying his best to financially strengthen the Pakistan team. He said, ‘If the Pakistan team becomes financially strong, then in future any team will think before deciding to tour.’ Rameez Raja made it clear in his statement that the Pakistan Cricket Board currently runs on 50 percent ICC funding.

India’s one-sided record in the World Cup against Pakistan

The Indian team has a record of one-sided victory in T20 or ODI World Cup against Pakistan. India and Pakistan have also competed in the World Cup winning times, the victory has happened to India. Talking about the T20 World Cup, there have been 5 matches between the two teams so far and India has put all five in its bag.

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