People ate this dish the most in 2022 from Swiggy! Gulab Jamun tops in sweets!

Less than two weeks are left for the end of 2022 and soon everyone will welcome the new year 2023. The last month of the year i.e. December is the month in which interesting statistics that came out during the year are presented. In such a situation, food delivery company Swiggy has also released a list of top food items of 2022, which is quite interesting. In this, a list of top 10 food has been released, that too in different categories like snacks, sweets, breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes etc. You must also be wondering which dish did Indians order the most from Swiggy in 2022?

Swiggy Has released the list of top food items of 2022. The company has blog post I have given information about it. These figures are quite interesting. swiggy Has told in its list that in 2022 the maximum number of orders were received for Biryani. The company received 2.28 orders per second for Biryani which is quite shocking. That is, if we see the orders received within a minute, then this figure becomes 137. Means Indians ordered 137 Biryani from Swiggy every minute. Chicken Biryani was also in highest demand in Biryani. It was followed by Masala Dosa, Chicken Fried Rice, Paneer Butter Masala, Butter Naan, Veg Biryani and Tandoori Chicken.

Samosa became king in snacks
Wherever you go in India, you will find samosas in every corner of the country. Similarly, its demand was highest in online food delivery as well. Samosas were the most ordered snacks. Last year also it was at number one in snacks. If we look at the total orders received throughout the year, the company has said to have received 40 lakh orders, which is a huge number. On the second number, the highest number of orders were received for popcorn, which were around 20 lakhs. After that there were pavbhaji, french fries etc.

Gulab Jamun adds color to sweets
in 2022 swiggy Gulab Jamun got the maximum number of orders for sweets. The food delivery app received 27 lakh orders for Gulab Jamun. Rasmalai was the second most preferred dessert for which the company received 1.6 million orders. Choco Lava won the third number and for this the company got 10 lakh orders.

Customer from Bangalore placed a single order of Rs 75,378
Swiggy got its biggest order this time from a Bengaluru customer who placed an order worth Rs 75,378 in one go. In fact, this customer had ordered burgers and snacks worth Rs 71,229 for his entire team.

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