Personal information of customers leaked due to Samsung’s mistake

Consumer electronics company Samsung has said that it has recently come to know about the leakage of personal information of customers due to a lapse in cyber security. This case dates back to July, when the company’s systems in the US were breached. Samsung said that it has hired a cyber security firm to investigate. Earlier in March, the company was targeted by hackers and the source codes of its smartphones were stolen.

Samsung has Told That in the breach made through its Security Resource Center, hackers are expected to get information such as customer names and contacts as well as product registrations. However, the company has not given information about the number and regions of customers affected by this. “We have taken steps to secure the systems and have hired a leading cyber security firm. We are also working closely with law enforcement agencies,” Samsung’s website states. The company said that customers have been informed about the matter.

To avoid such cases, the company has advised users to be vigilant and not to click on links in suspicious emails. Samsung told that this has not affected its devices. Earlier, the company’s sensitive data was stolen in a hacker attack in March. It included the source code of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The company had told that the data of its customers or employees is safe. A hacking group had taken the responsibility of this cyber attack.

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