Pilot keeps flying stolen plane for 5 hours, threatens to crash in Walmart store

A shocking incident took place in the city of Tupelo, Mississippi in the US, when an airplane hovered in the sky for 5 hours. The pilot was not ready to land the plane. It is said to be a stolen plane. The pilot also threatened to crash the plane into a Walmart store. Later, with the help of the local administration, the plane was safely brought down and the pilot was arrested.

The incident is from Mississippi, where the pilot kept flying a stolen plane in the sky for 5 hours. He was repeatedly threatening to crash the plane into a Walmart store. It had become a disaster for the people living there, which worried the police. Somehow the plane got down safely. After which the Mississippi Governor tweeted that the pilot is safe and there is no news of any man being injured.

According to media reports, the pilot flying the plane was taken into custody. It was a 9-seater plane that was circling over the city of Tupelo, Mississippi at 5 in the morning. The pilot was brought down safely with the help of the local administration. After which the city’s Governor Reeves informed about this on Twitter. “The situation has been brought under control, no one has been hurt in the incident,” he wrote.

It was a Beechcraft plane called the Beechcraft King Air 90. The plane kept flying in the sky for more than 5 hours, after which the police found it to be a threat to the people living there. Police did not give any information about the identity of the pilot. But the local newspaper, the Daily Journal, wrote that the plane’s pilot was an employee of the Tupelo Regional Airport.

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