Pithoragarh: Girls showing strength in the ring after coming out of the village, Pithoragarh champion on the strength of fist

Pithoragarh. In the state level junior boxing competition organized by the Uttarakhand Boxing Association, the boxers of the frontier district Pithoragarh proved their talent and won the championship in various categories. Players of Pithoragarh performing brilliantly in the state level boxing competition of junior boys and girls organized at Betalghat. 20 medals to his name have done. In this competition, Sawan Baseda in the boys category and Neha Lunthi in the girls category got the title of Best Boxer. Now these players of the frontier district will show their fist power in the national.

Giving information, Deputy Sports Officer of the district, Pratap Singh said that Pithoragarh players got total 12 gold medals in this competition, in which Promising girls of the district won 7 gold medals Have done your name. In a conversation with News 18 Local, the girls who have proved their mettle in boxing have talked about becoming a part of Team India in the future.

Coming out of the rural areas of the border area, the women players here have shown their power to the international level. In the field of boxing, here girls have made their special identity in different categories. Recently, the talented of the district Boxer Babita made her place in the India team Is.

Devi Chand, the coach of Girls Hostel of Boxing in Pithoragarh said that even before this, girls from here have won many championships by their performance in various competitions. at the sports stadium more than 100 players training Including hostels and local players.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : July 20, 2022, 15:27 IST

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