Piyush Chawla also made his debut in Team India at a young age like Sachin Tendulkar


Sachin Tendulkar made his debut in Team India at the age of 16.
Apart from Master Blaster, Piyush Chawla also made his debut in 17 years.

New Delhi. There are many players in India who work hard day and night by shedding blood and sweat. Then he gets a chance to play for the country. Proves even more difficult for a bowler. By the way, Sachin Tendulkar, who is worshiped as the God of cricket, made his debut at the youngest age. He had visited Pakistan for India at the age of just 16. Later he was one of the greatest batsers in the world. But not everyone is as lucky as the master blaster.

Another player of the same stature as Sachin Tendulkar, who had made a place in Indian Test cricket at the age of just 17. We are talking about India’s first googly king Piyush Chawla. Who played only 3 Tests in his career for the Indian team and his career came to a full stop as soon as he saw it. The year 2006, when debutant Piyush Chawla made the firangis dance in the field against England in Mohali. In 2007, this player made his ODI debut and took 3 wickets in the very first match. Despite this, he did not get a regular place in the team.

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Indian cricket did not understand the potential of this player. After which in 2009, Success County Cricket Club added the leg-spinner for 1 month. There was a match when he took 8 wickets in his name, not only that, batting at number 9, he scored an unbeaten inning of 109 runs. He also performed brilliantly in some matches in IPL. Piyush, who was a part of the 2011 World Cup, could not shine much in his career for a long time.

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