Player of the week: Even veterans of Team India are in awe

New Delhi. There have been such bowlers in every era, from whom even the biggest batsman has been in awe. Such a bowler of the current era is on a tour of India these days. On March 19, this Australian bowler made such a bad attack on the Indian batsmen that Team India was forced to face the worst defeat in history. We are talking about Mitchell Starc. Australia’s Stark dismissed the first four batsmen of India in the ODI match played in Visakhapatnam. When India lost the fourth wicket, its score was not even 50 runs. As a result, India suffered the biggest defeat in ODI history.

Whenever there is talk of the most dangerous left-arm fast bowler in cricket history, the first name that comes to mind is Wasim Akram. This veteran bowler of Pakistan has taken 502 wickets in ODI cricket. Wasim Akram had the most important role in Pakistan becoming the world champion in 1992. If we talk about playing a decisive role in the game without going by the numbers, then Mitchell Starc is not seen any less than Wasim Akram. The ability to take wickets from the first ball, tremendous swing and that too with speed, accurate yorkers and dangerous bouncers… Mitchell Starc has every weapon of fast bowling that a bowler can wish for.

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In the India Australia second ODI, Mitchell Starc showed all these qualities in his bowling. He did not allow Shubman Gill, who is in golden form, to open an account. Suryakumar Yadav, who is being called Mr. 360 degree, got stacked on the very first ball of Mitchell Starc. Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Mohammad Siraj also became victims of Stark in the match. The entire Indian team collapsed for 117 runs. Which is the fourth lowest score of India in its own country. India lost this match with 234 balls remaining. This is India’s biggest defeat in ODI history in terms of balls remaining. There is no doubt that Mitchell Starc did this bad condition of India. That’s why only Mitchell Starc can be called the Player of the Week for this week.

The Australian team management should also be praised for the performance by Mitchell Starc. This 33-year-old player has played only 109 ODIs in his 13-year career. It is not because of his form or fitness. Actually, Australia knows that how big a match winner Mitchell Starc is. That’s why he uses Stark sparingly. Mitchell Starc also knows his worth. That’s why many times they themselves separate themselves from less important matches or T20 leagues.

Talking about Mitchell Starc’s numbers, he has the lowest strike rate among left arm fast bowlers who have taken more than 100 wickets. Stark’s strike rate is 25.6. He has taken 219 wickets in 109 matches. That is, he takes 2 wickets in almost every match. Apart from Stark, only Trent Boult (29.1) and Mustafizur Rahman (29.3) are the only left-arm fast bowlers whose strike rate is less than 30.0.

Mitchell Starc holds the world record for taking 5 or more wickets in ODI cricket for the most number of times. He has done this 9 times. Wasim Akram has taken 5 or more wickets in an innings six times. Akram has taken 502 wickets in 356 matches and his strike rate is 36.2. Looking at the figures of Wasim Akram, one of the greatest bowlers in the world, it can be estimated that what is the ability of Mitchell Starc. Apart from the ground, an interesting thing is that Mitchell Starc has also married a cricketer. Mitchell Starc’s wife Alyssa Healy is Australia’s star cricketer. Alyssa Healy is the niece of Ian Healy, the star wicketkeeper of the 1990s.

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