Players entered the bathroom, Team India was in trouble, Sachin-Sourav had to plead


The habits of the stalwarts of Team India have been amazing.
Shikhar Dhawan had to get scolded by Rohit

New Delhi. The tricks of former stalwarts of Team India are also famous like their batting. Be it Sunil Gavaskar or Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly. The name of our very very special VVS Laxman is also included in this list. It is difficult to say whether this was a trick or a hobby of Laxman, but it was amazing. Actually, VVS Laxman not only used to calm himself with showers of water before his batting, but also used to take a leisurely bath. He would do this in every match.

The incident is related to the Cape Town Test against South Africa. During the match, Sachin Tendulkar was barred from batting at number four as he left the field shortly before the end of the innings. On the other hand, according to habit, VVS Laxman was busy taking bath in the bathroom. When the team came to know about this, efforts started to get Laxman out of the bathroom as soon as possible.

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When Laxman came out, Sachin Tendulkar tied pads on one leg and Sourav Ganguly on the other. The coaches were also engaged in putting on guards so that Laxman could reach the ground at the right time. Well, VVS came to the crease on time and he also handled the innings.

Hitman got angry on Gabbar
Shikhar Dhawan also has the same habit as VVS Laxman before getting on the field. Toss did not happen here or there in Shikhar bathroom. Captain Rohit Sharma has also expressed his displeasure on this. According to Rohit, don’t know why Shikhar enters the bathroom after the toss. Once the fellow player took a joke from Shikhar Dhawan that do you leave the hotel without taking a bath? However, Gabbar did not answer this.

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Talking about taking bath before batting, how can Kapil Paji be forgotten? You must remember the 1983 World Cup. Captain Kapil Dev went to the bathroom after the toss against Zimbabwe. He was taking a leisurely bath. How did they know that the team would be in trouble so soon, but when the people sitting in the dressing room saw the batsmen coming one after the other, they ran to the bathroom and knocked on the door and informed that Captain let’s bat. Went. Applying soap on his body, Kapil could not understand what happened after all? Somehow he came out and played a stormy inning of 175 runs. This historic innings of Kapil Dev had taken India forward towards winning the World Cup.

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