PM Modi flew drone, said it is important for employment and development of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the two-day ‘India Drone Festival 2022’ at Pragati Maidan today and shared many things related to drone technology on the occasion. Addressing the people, he said that Indians seem to be enthusiastic about drone technology. He described the drones as essential to track the development in the country. He also said that drone technology shows the potential of an emerging sector of employment in India.

PM Modi said “Be it disaster management, agriculture, surveillance, media or tourism; Drones will revolutionize how services are delivered to the public and make life easier while providing government services.” He said that around 65 lakh property cards were issued with the help of drones in digital mapping. “Drone technology government services eliminating human interference in agriculture while providing

PM Modi further said that every time when the reconstruction work of Kedarnath started, ‘it was not possible for me to go there’. In such a situation, he inspected the work of Kedarnath through drone.

At the India Drone Festival, PM Modi himself flew a drone through remote control and while flying it, the Prime Minister looked very excited.

PM Modi also invited startups and manufacturers to make India a hub of drone technology. He said “We have reduced unnecessary regulations and barriers for the adoption of drones in the country. Drones can help in policing, traffic management, planting new trees in remote areas etc… Drones will change the way our country works. Drones will aid in technology-driven delivery of services across India.”

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