Preparation to secure country’s power grid from cyber attack

The threat of cyberattacks has increased in the last few years. Such attacks can cause great damage. The Central Government has made preparations to enhance the security of the country’s power grid from cyberattacks. Last year, cyber criminals tried to target the power grid, which is vital for the supply of electricity across the country.

In this regard, in a PTI report, Power Minister RK Singh has been quoted as saying that the threat of cyberattack remains intact and the Electricity (Amendment) Bill power grid A provision for regular check up of The power ministry is aware of the attackers on this network and due to this provision is being made for regular checks. RK Singh said, “We are empowering the Central Load Dispatch Center so that it the inspection Be able to do as well as give instructions. We have one grid in the country and if there is a problem at any place, the entire grid can shut down. That’s why this provision has been made.”

In April, Chinese hackers attacked the power grid and tried to target the electricity distribution center near Ladakh. However, that cyberattack was blocked. Even before this, the electricity network in Ladakh had been on the target of hackers. Cyber ​​criminals have also targeted government websites several times.

Russia had done a major cyberattack before attacking Ukraine. In this, many websites of the Government of Ukraine were hacked. Software company Microsoft had given information about this. Giving information about this cyber attack, Microsoft said that malware was delivered to many computers of government agencies of Ukraine. Microsoft had said that its investigation teams had found malware on several systems. These systems were in many government and non-government agencies of Ukraine. Earlier in 2017, Russia had made a similar attack on Ukraine. In this, Ukraine was targeted with the Notepetya virus. North Korean hackers have also been involved in such attacks and scams.

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