Prithvi Shaw apologized to the fans there dispute with Sapna Gill team india delhi capitals

New Delhi. Prithvi Shaw is in headlines right now. Social media influencer Sapna Gill has also filed a complaint against him in the police amidst the controversy in the pub in the past. The young batter got a place in Team India for the T20 series against New Zealand in the past, but he could not make it to the playing-11 in any match. Shaw had said recently that we have to stay out for a long time for long tours. In such a situation, when we go somewhere to hang out with the family, many times they have to face problems because of the fans. But my aim remains that no one should be disappointed or sad.

Selfie also came up in the dispute between Prithvi Shaw and Sapna Gill. Some people were after taking selfie even after refusing. 2 years ago Prithvi Shaw while talking to Delhi Capitals said, when I go out with my family, fans come for autographs. Due to this, our family time also becomes dear. Although I explain to the fans. If I make a mistake, then forgive me.

we are not ignoring
Prithvi Shaw said that many times the fans feel that we are ignoring them. but it’s not like that. We love privacy too. We are here only because of the support of the fans. Prior to this, Prithvi has also been caught in the dope case and after that the BCCI had also banned him. Regarding the dope case, he said that in this matter I could not say anything to anyone. Various things were happening.

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Prithvi Shaw told that father always says that this kind of time passes quickly. I had taken syrup. At that time I was young and was continuously playing for Team India. After that I went to London and started training there. I trained alone there for 3 months, but during this time I ate a lot.

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