Punjab’s bowler was thrashed, the coach was careless, explained such theory, the player was confused


Punjab Kings have won only 6 matches in IPL 2023
Shikhar Dhawan’s team is at number 8 in the points table

New Delhi. After playing the ODI World Cup 2003, Virender Sehwag was not in a state of mind. Veeru spoke in the team meeting, what is coach-watch? There is no need for this. Anyway, neither the coach nor the pitch mattered to Sehwag. Reach the crease, beat the bowlers, score runs and then whistle back to the pavilion.

After ending his career as a player in IPL, Virender Sehwag was made the mentor of Punjab. What to do if Veeru got the same job which he himself did not like. He told the players of Punjab that I am not a mentor or coach. I am also a player. I will keep watching what wrong you guys are doing in the field. In a match, Mohit Sharma came after scoring 44 runs in 4 overs. When he reached in front of Virender Sehwag, he was a bit nervous. Veeru said, it was okay if he had scored four runs less. Mohit Sharma did not understand anything at that time.

When the match was over, Virender Sehwag explained his theory to Mohit Sharma. Veeru said, “If four bowlers give 40 runs and one bowler stops some runs, then 170-180 runs are nothing in IPL. Mohit understood this and his own guilt also reduced a bit.

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This is Virender Sehwag, who played 104 matches in IPL and scored 2728 runs. This includes two centuries and 16 half-centuries. Viru has hit 106 sixes in these innings. Talking about the performance of Punjab Kings in the current season of IPL, the team won 6 out of 12 matches, while lost in 6. Shikhar Dhawan’s team is at number 8 in the points table with 12 points.

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