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R Ashwin on controversy with Eoin Morgan definitely not a personal battle everybody is different – Latest Cricket News

India’s senior off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin tried to put an end to the controversy surrounding an on-field argument with England and Kolkata Knight Riders captain Eoin Morgan during an Indian Premier League match, saying it was not a personal fight but how the game was played. Must be known, there was a difference of opinion regarding this. During the IPL match between Delhi Capitals and Kolkata last week, Ashwin tried to take a run after the ball went away after hitting Rishabh Pant’s body. Ashwin then had an argument with the England limited overs captain, who accused the Indian cricketer of not playing in the spirit of the game. The MCC rules, however, make it clear that a run is allowed after the ball hits the batsman’s body.

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England also had an advantage in such an incident, when a throw from close to the boundary in the 2019 World Cup final hit Ben Stokes’s bat and went for four runs and the umpire gave overthrow runs and later England was successful in winning the title. “I think it’s definitely not a personal fight and I don’t even look at it that way,” Ashwin said after last night’s match against Chennai Super Kings. Those who want to grab attention can do so but I don’t see it that way.

He said, ‘I did not know that the ball had hit Rishabh. So I thought they had decided that they would target and that is why I said that the words used were not correct.’ Ashwin took to Twitter after the match to ask Morgan and Tim Southee not to use “derogatory” words and not to teach them “sportsmanship”. After Ashwin’s dismissal, fast bowler Southee told the Indian bowling, ‘This is what happens when you cheat.’

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The Indian spinner was then seen moving towards Morgan and Southee, after which Dinesh Karthik intervened to cool the matter. Ashwin said, ‘I think we need to understand that culturally everyone is different, the way people are taught to play cricket in England and India, the way of thinking is completely different.’ He said, ‘I am not saying that someone is wrong here. The only thing is that the way cricket was played in the 1940s, you cannot expect anyone to play the same way today.

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