R praggnanandhaa win norway chess tournament open event indian grandmaster| Norway Chess Tournament: Good news for India in chess, this 16-year-old player won the Norway Open Chess title

R Praggnanandhaa: India has got great success in chess. Young Indian Grandmaster (GM) R Pragyananand emerged victorious in nine rounds of the Norway Chess Group A Open Chess Tournament with 7.5 points. He showed a very good game in this tournament. R Pragyanand did not lose a single match in the entire tournament.

Pragyananand won

Top seeded 16-year-old Indian Grandmaster (GM) R Pragyanand remained unbeaten throughout the tournament, continuing the scintillating rhythm. He ended the tournament with a win over fellow Indian International Master (IM) V Praneeth late on Friday. Pragyananand (ELO 2642) finished one point ahead of second-ranked IM Marcel Efroimsky (Israel) and IM Jung Min Seo (Sweden).

Pragyanand defeated these players

V Praneeth was joint third with six points but slipped to sixth in the final table due to a low tie-break score. Besides Praneeth, Pragyanand defeated Viktor Mikhalevsky (8th round), Vitaly Kunin (6th round), Mukhamadzokhid Suyarov (4th round), Semen Mutusov (2nd round) and Mathias Unneland (1st round). They played their other three matches in draws.

Was made grandmaster in 2018

R Pragyananand is returning to India for the Chess Olympiad. India is hosting the Chess Olympiad. Pragyanand had defeated the current world champion Gagnus Carlsen in the online tournament only last month. Pragyananand had achieved the title of Grand Master in the year 2018 itself at the age of 12. He is the youngest player in India to do so. R Pragyananand is guided by veteran Viswanathan Anand.

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