Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi…At the age of 70, colonel gave training to his wife, people taunted him, the world is saluting

Anjali Singh Rajput / Lucknow: It is said that behind a successful man is a woman’s hand. However, behind a successful woman there is also a man’s hand. This saying fits perfectly on retired Colonel Bajrang Singh from the army living in Lucknow. After his retirement from the army, he has won so many marathons at the state, national and international level with his wife Asha Singh that the couple has become very famous all over the world.

This pair has more than 300 medals and more than 100 trophies. When 64-year-old Bajrang Singh and 58-year-old Asha Singh defeat athletes 15 and 20 years younger than them in marathons, then everyone gets surprised. This is the reason why many people are scared to see this superhit couple and many people also taunt them to break their spirits. At the same time, there are some people who say that at this age one should rest now. However, ignoring all the taunts, this pair is continuously moving forward and is bringing laurels to the country abroad.

This is how the journey started
Colonel Bajrang Singh told that he had retired from the army in 2014. Then he joined the army for two more years. His last posting was in Pune. There both used to do morning walk early in the morning. Someone advised that both of you do walk at least. If you are also physically fit, then both of you participate in the marathon. Then the performance of both of them was very good in that 10 kilometer marathon. The journey started from here. After this the full marathon was to be held, in which Bajrang Singh refused Asha Singh. Thinking that he might not be able to do it. Bajrang Singh got the podium in this marathon. Then when the marathon was held in Hyderabad, Asha Singh won by running the full marathon.

The car had hit the collision, still did not give up
Went to participate in the Boston Marathon in the year 2020, but that marathon was canceled due to Kovid-19. At the same time, his wife Asha Singh was hit by a car in America itself, in which she was badly injured. Returned to India after getting treatment from there and started running again. This time Asha Singh returned stronger than before and by running in the circuit run marathon, she had won the first place by leaving behind all the women and men. Bajrang Singh says that it was from here that he had more faith in his wife regarding the race. Instead of focusing on himself, he decided to promote Asha Singh only. Today, by participating in many marathons at the state, national and international level, this pair has become a topic of discussion among the people.

Women are moving forward in this field
Asha Singh said that at whatever point she is today, it is because of her husband because her husband is her coach. Women are progressing very fast in this field. Earlier people thought that women would not be able to run so much, but now women of all ages are doing well in this field. Bajrang Singh told that she is preparing herself and Asha for the marathon to be held in Tokyo as well as Berlin in the coming times.

Take care of health in this way
Bajrang Singh told that we eat dry fruits for health. Eat green vegetables. Whereas oil and ghee are eaten very rarely. Together they run in the morning and evening. Drink water as much as possible. Because of this, even at this age, by running continuously, they are winning marathons.

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