Rahul Dravid was eagerly watching Sri Lanka Vs New Zealand match amid Ahmedabad Test says We are thankful to them

New Delhi. The Test match played between India and Australia in Ahmedabad remained inconclusive. Neither Rohit Sharma’s team won nor Kangaroo could win this match. In the end, the series was named after Team India by 2-1. Even though India could not win this match, but despite this, good news for Team India came from across the seven seas on the last day. Rahul Dravid’s focus was more on New Zealand than the Ahmedabad Test. It is bound to arise a question in the mind as to where the head coach was keeping his eyes on by diverting the focus from the match. Let us tell you the story behind it.

In fact, along with the India-Australia Test match, a match was also being played in Christchurch, New Zealand. This match was happening between Sri Lanka and the host country. In the beginning, the Sri Lankan team was seen in a strong position but New Zealand made a tremendous comeback and pushed Sri Lanka on the backfoot. The match had become very exciting at the last moment. New Zealand’s eight wickets had fallen and they were very close to achieving the target. Somehow, the team captained by Tim Southee was successful in winning the match by two wickets.

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Now the question is bound to arise that why Rahul Dravid was so excited about this match. Not only this, after the victory of New Zealand, he even started thanking them. The reason for this is that The Wall knew that the way for Team India to reach the final of the World Test Championship depends on the performance of Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Had India won the Test series against Australia by 3-1, it would have secured a place in the WTC final on its own, but it could not happen. In such a situation, the way to the final for India was going through the ongoing two-match Test series in New Zealand. Dravid knew that if Sri Lanka lost even one of the two matches, India would directly secure its place in the WTC. Same thing happened.

After the Ahmedabad Test was over, Rahul Dravid made up his mind. He made it clear that he was watching the score of New Zealand vs Sri Lanka match after every five to six overs. We were just wishing for Sri Lanka’s defeat. Sometimes we have to depend on the performance of others to move forward. Situations are not in our hands.

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