Saturday, December 4, 2021

Rahul Dravid will never give such statements Gautam Gambhir criticized former head coach of Indian team ravi shastri – Latest Cricket News – Gautam Gambhir slams former head coach Ravi Shastri, says

With the end of Team India’s journey in the ICC T20 World Cup, the tenure of head coach Ravi Shastri also came to an end. After this Rahul Dravid has become the new head coach of Team India. Gautam Gambhir took a dig at former head coach Shastri, comparing him to Rahul Dravid. Gambhir told what is the biggest difference between these two. Team India became the No. 1 Test team during Shastri’s tenure. India went on to win in Australia, South Africa and England, but during his tenure, Team India could not win a single ICC tournament.

When Gautam Gambhir was asked what were the shortcomings of Ravi Shastri as head coach, he said on Times Now, ‘One thing that struck me as strange is that when you play well, you don’t praise yourself. Be. It’s okay if others are talking about it, but when we won the 2011 World Cup, none of us made a statement that it’s the best team in the world. He continued, ‘When you win, let the rest of the people talk about it. You won in Australia that was a big deal, you won in England because you did well and there is no doubt about that.

He further said, ‘But you let others praise you, you will not hear such things from Rahul Dravid’s mouth. Whether India plays well or bad. His statements will always be balanced. Shastri had called the Test series win against Australia in 2019 a bigger victory than the 1983 World Cup. Gambhir said, ‘Humility is very important, whether you play well or bad. I think Dravid’s biggest focus will be to make a good player a good person first.

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